A slot is a dynamic place where a particular type of content may be placed on your site. In essence, a slot acts as a placeholder that either waits for content to be inserted (passive slots) or proactively calls out for content to be inserted into it (active slots). Slots, like renderers, work in tandem to deliver the content to the page.

Pay table

The pay tables for a machine display the payouts that are associated with different symbols. They also show how a machine works and may include information about bonus features. They are most often printed directly on the machine, though today’s video and online slot machines generally have them embedded in their help screens.


When you hear the phrase “tilt the slot”, this typically refers to the ability of electromechanical machines to detect a tilt in the machine that could cause it to malfunction. Although modern slot machines don’t use tilt switches, a variety of technical problems could lead to the machine malfunctioning in a way that appears to be a tilt. These problems would be reported as a slot fault.

Air traffic management slot